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Sat, April 9, 2:15 to 3:45pm,
Marriott Marquis, Level Four, Independence Salon F
Title: Principled Assessment Design in Action: Best Professional Practices for Digitally
Delivered Learning and Assessment Systems

In this moderated panel session, interdisciplinary experts with both technical and practical expertise discuss best practices for putting a principled design approach for digitally‐delivered learning and assessment systems into practice. They will debate critical issues around successful professional practices within their teams and institutions in
order to develop and nurture coherent ways of acting, reflecting, and planning. That is, they will discuss their “lessons learned”, both successful and not‐so‐successful. Panelists will also provide take‐home handouts with key principles for further dissemination.

Panelists and topics:

  • Process and Product Data Capture ‐ Tiago Calico, University of Maryland ‐ College Park
  • Automated Writing Diagnostics and Scoring ‐ Peter W. Foltz, Pearson
  • Diagnostics for Digital Learning Environments ‐ Janice D. Gobert, Worcester Polytechnic Services
  • Assessment of Professional Skills ‐ Vandhana Mehta, Cisco Systems Inc
  • Research Capacities for Technology‐Rich Assessment ‐ Andreas H. Oranje, Educational Testing Services
  • Stealth Assessment ‐ Valerie J. Shute, Florida State University
  • Computational Psychometrics ‐ Alina A. Von Davier, ETS

Chair: Andre A. Rupp, Educational Testing Service (ETS)