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Sun, April 10, 2:45 to 4:15pm,
Marriott Marquis, Level Four, Independence Salon G
Title: Using Multiple Learning Progressions to Support Assessment

Abstract: To use learning progressions to support students’ conceptual and linguistic development, teachers must elicit samples of student reasoning and discourse. This requires a change in pedagogical approaches, from the traditional teacher‐fronted direct instruction to the facilitation of meaning‐making discourse and student reasoning. Both
educators and students need resources  to enact these changes, and it is critical that these resources support the full inclusion of English learners. This paper discusses an NSF‐funded project to develop and pilot such resources. Teachers implementing this discourse‐focused instruction reported that it provided them frequent opportunities to track students’ conceptual understanding and to assist them, in the moment, to probe more deeply and to model the academic language that students needed to express themselves effectively.


  • Using a Proportional Reasoning Learning Progression to Develop, Score, and Interpret Student explanations –E. Caroline Wylie, ETS; Malcolm Bauer, ETS
  • Tandem Learning Progressions Provide a Salient Intersection of Student Mathematics and Language Abilities ‐ Alison L. Bailey, University of California ‐ Los Angeles; Margaret University of Minnesota
  • Simultaneous Assessment of Two Learning Progressions for Mathematical Practices ‐ Gabrielle Cayton; Leslie Nabors Olah, Educational Testing Service; Sarah Ohls, ETS; Allyson J. Kiss, University of Minnesota
  • Professional Development to Support Formative Assessment of Mathematics Constructs and Language in Mathematics Classrooms ‐ Christy Reveles, WIDA at Wisconsin Center for Educational Research; Rita MacDonald, University of Wisconsin ‐ Madison

Chair: E. Caroline Wylie, ETS
Discussant : Guadalupe Carmona, The University of Texas at San Antonio