Cognition and Assessment SIG 167

You are invited to submit a proposal to the 2017 annual meeting of AERA Cognition and Assessment SIG. The Cognition and Assessment SIG presents researchers and practitioners with an opportunity for cross-disciplinary research within education. We are a group of learning scientists and researchers who are interested in better assessing cognition and are interested in leveraging cognitive theory and methods in the design and interpretation of assessment tools including tests. Our research features many different methods, including psychometric simulations, empirical applications, cognitive model development, theoretical rationales, and combinations of all of the above.

The Cognition and Assessment SIG welcomes research proposals covering an array of topics that meet the broad needs and research interests of the SIG. We encourage you to submit 500 Word Proposals for: Symposium, Paper, Poster or other Innovative sessions. If you would like to use the full AERA limit on words, however, we will accept that.

Please submit proposals to the Cognition and Assessment SIG through the AERA online program portal by July 22, 2016. Please find the specific proposal guidelines for each of the session types here:

If you have any question about submitting a proposal to the Cognition and Assessment SIG, please contact the SIG Program Chair, Dr. Russell Almond < > or SIG Chair Dr. Laine Bradshaw < >.  

Note:  Discussing and clarifying the rubric used to evaluate the proposals is an important issue related to our SIG.  Look for an upcoming blog post on this topic.