HandbookDear SIG colleagues,

We are incredibly excited to share with you information regarding a new book that we have co-edited with contributions from several member of our SIG as well as other colleagues in the field. It is called the Handbook of Cognition and Assessment: Frameworks, Methodologies, and Applications and will appear in Britain and the US in the fall. It is close to 600 pages long and includes a total of 22 chapters divided into 3 sections (Frameworks – 9 chapters, Methodologies – 6 chapters, and Applications– 7 chapters). In addition to the core invited chapters we wrote thoughtful introductory and synthesis chapters that situate the book within current developments in the field of cognitively-grounded assessment. We also created a glossary with key terms, including both those that are used repeatedly across chapters and those that are of particular importance to specific chapters, and have worked with all authors to find common definitions that represent appropriate consensus definitions. Throughout the book, we highlighted all of these terms through boldfacing upon first mention in each chapter.

We probably do not have to convince you that the publication of such a handbook is timely and we sincerely hope that it will be considered a useful reference for a diverse audience. To us, this audience includes professors, students, and postdocs, assessment specialists working at testing companies or for governmental agencies, and really anyone who wants to update their knowledge on recent thinking in this area. In order to help reach those audiences we worked closely with authors to keep the level of conceptual and technical complexity at a comparable level across chapters so that interested colleagues have
the ability to read individual chapters, entire sections, or even the full book. The list of contributors in this book is really quite amazing and, by itself, presents a great resource of expertise that you may want to consider the next time you are looking for advice on
a project or for someone on your advisory panel.

In order to get you all even more excited about the handbook we have invited our contributing authors to share their current thoughts via upcoming blog entries for the SIG so look out for those in the coming months! It also goes without saying that our book is only one of many artifacts that helps to synthesize ideas and build conceptual and
practical bridges across communities. Therefore, if you have additional suggestions for us regarding what kinds of efforts we could initiate around the handbook please let us know – we would love to hear from you! Finally, if you like the Handbook, we would
certainly appreciate it if you could share information about it on social media, perhaps for now by sharing the cover image below. Many thanks in advance and thank you very much for your interest!

André A. Rupp and Jacqueline P. Leighton

(Co-editors, Handbook of Cognition and Assessment)